I build and lead
a team of super
talented designers
bringing UX into
the web3 world

… and mentor UXers by night.

I've been a UX Practitioner & Leader since 2001

Originally coming from the world of mechanical engineering, industrial design and systems thinking, by the late ’90s I embraced all things digital - especially the innovative co-creation methodologies and immersive empathy native to IDEO's school of design thinking. And helped my clients change ways they approached design, guided them through the ambiguity, identified their customers' critical pain points and corresponding areas of opportunity resulting in shipping digital products that improve people's lives and actually matter to humans.

Currently, I lead a multidisciplinary design team at an NYC-based crypto startup leveraging design as a strategy for innovative products that reach millions of people. Our team consists of 10+ talented brand, graphic, and product designers, touching every point of the user journey.

Before joining Amun | 21Shares, I worked at American Express on strategic design initiatives involving Amex's largest global clients. Previously, I provided UX/product design services for a broad range of well-known companies.


“Marina’s design sense and knowledge of industry standards and technical skills are beyond superb. But her dedication to the company and her in-depth understanding of the art and science of the web make her an indispensable asset.”

Jim Emerman EVP, Civic Ventures

And I've been a UX mentor since 2011

Over the last 10 years, I’ve mentored hundreds of UXers – both aspiring and experienced, privately and in a bootcamp setting. Many of them happened to be career switchers. Today, many of my students are happily employed in UX or Product roles across Fortune 500, start-ups and academia.

“Marina is a fantastic mentor. She has deep industry knowledge, innovative ideas, and genuinely cares and motivates you to succeed in your goals. She has an ability to quickly identify strengths and connect them with opportunities. I’m very grateful for my sessions with Marina. Highly recommended.”

Nicholas Minosora - Private UX Student (MentorCruise)