U X _ C O A C H I N G

Private UX Mentorship & Career Coaching

My mentorship journey started informally back in 2011, and then restarted with a new vigor when the pandemic hit in March of 2020. I’ve been working with 100s of designers privately, mentoring UX students at well-known bootcamps (DesignLab, IDF), volunteered my time at ADPList, and now offer personalized paid mentorship and coaching on Mentorcruise.

My mentees are now designing at Meta, Spotify, Carnegie Mellon and many other cool places.

How a mentor/career coach can help you

After having been a UX/Product Design hiring manager for 10+ years, reviewing thousands of portfolios and interviewing hundreds of candidates,  I have a unique understanding of what is necessary to accelerate your UX training, improve user research skills, build a solid UX portfolio, prepare for UX/Product design job interviews and boost your UX career strategy. Ready to hit the ground running? 🙂

Are you...


Are you thinking of transitioning careers to UX? I will help you quickly identify your transferrable skills and teach you how to play to your strengths.


Are you looking to accelerate your UX or Service Design training, strengthen your portfolio, improve your workshop facilitation skills, prepare for UX/Product design interviews to land your dream job? I will guide you towards your goals.


Are you ready to take your career to the next level? I’ll help you to get there faster.


Are you a developer, marketeer, product manager or anyone else know interested in getting a better grasp on the UX principles and methodologies? Let’s chat!

How does the mentorship work?

There are two mentorship options I’m currently offering:


This option is best suited for those who are tired of trying to learn UX on their own. Together, we well assess your current skills and career aspirations, then we will create a structured learning plan well-aligned with your career goals and time constraints. And of course, I’ll be there every step of the way providing actionable feedback, recommending additional resources, supplying industry insights and best practices, and cheering you along! This is the fastest and most effective way to learn new skills.


If you need a quick dive-in into something specific, such as a last-minute portfolio review or a one-time prep for an upcoming job interview, then a relevant one-off session may be a way to go. Choose a one-off session topic that suits your needs best. And of course, you can always come back later for more (most students do 🙂 check what they say )

What's the process like?

We will start with a 30-min introductory call where we’ll discuss your career goals, identify your strengths and areas needing work. Then, we will devise a structured plan tailored to you and your strengths. We will set up a cadence for video calls to ensure your progress. Between video calls, we will have weekly check-ins via email or chat.

My mentoring style is uplifting, supportive and candid. If you’ve read “Radical Candor” by Kim Scott, this is the style.

I will provide you with tons of actionable feedback without excessive sugarcoating. If something is going well, I’ll tell you so. If something needs to be improved, I’ll show you how. You will leave our sessions feeling empowered, energized and knowing exactly what to do next.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need coaching & mentoring?

You decide, but we all need help at one stage in life or another. UX design mentors are usually very experienced professionals who bring all of their experience to the table. We share industry insights and provide guidance, feedback, and support as you establish yourself in the field.

How do I make the most of my UX mentorship?

  • Have clear goals and realistic expectations
  • Do the work, come prepared and ask a lot of questions
  • Keep open mind and get good at receiving feedback
  • Respect your mentor’s time 🙂

Where are you located? What if we are in different cities/timezones?

I live and work in New York City. However, my students are located all over the globe. Currently, I have students “dialing in” from Australia, Europe, South America, and of course, the U.S. Zoom makes it all possible 🙂

What's the cancellation policy like?

For the monthly mentorship plans, you’ll have a 7 day free trial as we start working together to make sure the mentorship is the right fit!