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Private UX Mentorship & Career Coaching

Navigating the world of UX/Product Design can be daunting, but what if you had a seasoned guide, one who’s stood in the shoes of a hiring manager for over a decade? Imagine having someone who’s sifted through thousands of portfolios and interviewed hundreds of candidates by your side, giving you unique insights that can help fast-track your UX learning journey, refine your user research abilities, and craft a compelling UX portfolio.

A person who even published a book on proven mentoring techniques?

Wouldn’t it be a game-changer to be supremely prepared for UX/Product design job interviews, knowing what hiring managers are seeking? And think about the potential acceleration in your UX career strategy, having someone who can help you avoid pitfalls and seize the right opportunities.

Are you...


Are you thinking of transitioning careers to UX? I will help you quickly identify your transferrable skills and teach you how to play to your strengths.


Are you ready to take your career to the next level? I’ll help you to get there faster.


Are you a developer, marketeer, product manager or anyone else know interested in getting a better grasp on the UX principles and methodologies? Let’s chat!

Tailored Mentorship Programs Available Now


Are you feeling worn down by the struggle of learning UX solo? Then, our monthly mentorship plans could be the lifeline you need. This approach is ideal for anyone seeking guidance tailored to their unique journey. We start by evaluating your current abilities and career dreams. Using these insights, we will build a bespoke learning roadmap that aligns seamlessly with your professional objectives and fits comfortably within your busy schedule.

But that’s not all. As your trusted mentor, I’ll accompany you every step of the way. You’ll receive practical feedback, handpicked additional resources, invaluable industry insights, and the latest best practices, ensuring you are always on the cutting edge of knowledge. And let’s not forget the cheers of encouragement you’ll hear as you steadily progress!

This mentorship plan represents the quickest, most efficient route to mastering new skills. Embark on this journey with us and watch your growth soar.


Should you require swift, targeted guidance on a specific issue – be it an imminent portfolio review or a one-time prep for a looming job interview – then our one-off sessions could be the perfect fit. Designed for immediate assistance, these sessions allow you to select a topic that best addresses your current needs.

And remember, while these are called ‘one-off’ sessions, you’re always welcome to return for more whenever you need additional help. In fact, most of our students find themselves revisiting us for further guidance – a testament to the value they find in these focused, individual sessions. So, whether you’re a one-time visitor or a recurring mentee, we’re here to support your growth.

Popular one-off sessions:

What's the process like?

Our journey together will kick off with an insightful 30-minute introductory call, where we’ll dive into your career aspirations and explore your strengths as well as areas ripe for development. With this understanding, we’ll design a bespoke plan that’s rooted in your individual skills and needs. To facilitate steady progress, we’ll establish a rhythm of video calls tailored to your schedule. And to ensure we’re constantly in sync, we’ll maintain weekly touchpoints via email or chat, so you never feel unsupported.

At the heart of my mentoring approach is a blend of positivity, encouragement, and honest feedback, drawing inspiration from Kim Scott’s “Radical Candor“. You can expect abundant actionable advice from me – no fluff, no unnecessary sugarcoating. If you’re on the right path, I’ll commend your strides; and should you need course-correction, I’ll guide you on how to improve. After each session, you’ll leave invigorated, confident, and equipped with a clear plan for your next steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need coaching & mentoring?

You decide, but we all need help at one stage in life or another. UX design mentors are usually very experienced professionals who bring all of their experience to the table. We share industry insights and provide guidance, feedback, and support as you establish yourself in the field.

How do I make the most of my UX mentorship?

  • Have clear goals and realistic expectations
  • Do the work, come prepared and ask a lot of questions
  • Keep open mind and get good at receiving feedback
  • Respect your mentor’s time 🙂

Where are you located? What if we are in different cities/timezones?

I live and work in New York City. However, my students are located all over the globe. Currently, I have students “dialing in” from Australia, Europe, South America, and of course, the U.S. Zoom makes it all possible 🙂

What's the cancellation policy like?

For the monthly mentorship plans, you’ll have a 7 day free trial as we start working together to make sure the mentorship is the right fit!