Restructuring Extranet for the World Leader In Elevators




OtisWave 2.0 – Extranet Redesign


Lead of Experience Design + Front-End Development


Stakeholder Interviews
User Flows
Visual Design
Front-End Development
A/B Testing

Otis Elevator is a worldwide leader in elevator and escalator manufacturing & service: 200 countries; 2 million elevators and escalators in service; 62,000 employees; 300,000 documents distributed and continuously updated.


  • Outgrown legacy application
  • Difficulty adding and updating documents
  • Unintuitive user interface
  • Ineffective search function
  • Need to migrate content from a legacy system


Working together with Contegra Systems IT team, we–

  • Re-designed the extranet (OtisWave 2.0) from the bottom up to address the specific needs of its constituents instead of forcing an off-the-shelf interface. OtisWave was created as a fully searchable online library of technical documents providing up-to-date information.
  • Focused on the specific features that increased productivity and efficiency for the end user and made them successful. Otis service personnel was now able to access information faster and easier using the OtisWave library. A maintenance supervisor at a work site needed only a few minutes on his laptop to identify a specific part, review a maintenance routine, or find replacement part numbers. The hours previously spent searching through thousands of pages of paper documents in the office were now history.


OtisWave 2.0 extranet enabled Otis staff, engineers and field technicians to quickly find the information they needed to service customers from the company’s several hundred thousand pages of procedures, technical drawings and diagrams, newsletters and spare parts information.

I led all UX, UI and FED efforts during this redesign.