Hi, I'm Marina Krutchinsky,
a NYC-based Experience Designer

I've been designing and building websites and web applications since before the term "user experience" was coined and applied to anything digital. In the past 17+ years, I've had the pleasure of being a part of 200+ online projects, for companies ranging from Fortune 500 to start-ups to non-profits.

I strongly believe in empathizing with the user while keeping business goals in mind, I believe in asking “why?” as many times as it takes to bring everyone on the same page, and I also believe in the power of a reasonable compromise. To me, design is a tool to present ideas in the clearest fashion possible – to break complex concepts into chunks small enough for a user to intuitively grasp and feel in full control at all times. I enjoy the atomic design approach and the concept of design system.

Over the years, the focus of my work has been shifting from what used to be called “web design” to designing interfaces for web-based applications, to front-end web development, to theming for WordPress and Drupal, to interaction design and user experience, to online product design.

In my past life, I served as a Design Director and later on as a Web Director for an innovative San Francisco-based think tank – Civic Ventures – working to engage millions of baby boomers as a vital force for social change. I left Civic Ventures to start an educational startup Brainroll that intended to reduce paper load and improve experience during the grad school application process for both students and faculty, all while also running my own small design company Webhues Solutions.

My work of recent years has been focused on social impact companies, such as ImpactSpace – an open global database tracking investments in solutions to environmental and social challenges. I am also very interested in ideas bridging art, artists and technology.

Originally from St. Petersburg, Russia, I found my home in New York City. Although my family and I have done quite a bit of moving between the East and West coasts, we always come back to NYC.


“Marina’s design sense and knowledge of industry standards
and technical skills are beyond superb. But her dedication to
the company and her in-depth understanding of the art and
science of the web make her an indispensable asset.”

Jim EmermanEVP, Civic Ventures